IT problemi i potencijalna rješenja

Ovaj dio pruža ispitaniku mogućnost da predstavi probleme koji su se dogodili u njihovoj organizaciji u prethodnih 12 mjeseci, kao i odgovore na to da li su ti problemi riješeni ili ostali nepromijenjeni. Ovaj dio obuhvata tri značajna pitanja kojima se daju korisne informacije o aktuelnim IT problemima.

P4.1 Koje od navedenih problema u okviru informacionih tehnologija ste imali u posljednjih 12 mjeseci?

P4.2 Da li je situacija po pitanju navedenih problema pogoršana/ostala ista/poboljšana tokom posljednjih 12 mjeseci?

P4.3 Da li IT upravljanje u Vašoj organizaciji uključuje ijednu od slijedećih praksi?


List of problems, which was taken from ISACA’s Global Status Report 2011 (GEIT) that usually occurs in large environment, was given, where the aim was to determine which of these problems occur. Most of the answers show that there were no significant problems or that respondents don’t know what kind of problems occurred. But few interesting answers and conclusions can be obtained from the graph above.

As the percentage is quite important, we wanted to determine the percentage of employees having problem. It was done using formula developed below
= [Amount of answer YES (for specific problem) / SUM (all answers)] * 100%

Based on the result obtained above, we can conclude that respondents mostly have problem with insufficient staff (60%) and other problems like lack of understanding benefits of IT governance on the board and business management (40%).



The emphasis was on the problems that were enhanced, resolved and improved in previous 12 months. Few significant changes are noticeable with above 30% improvement. The detailed list is presented in the table below following the same equation from P4.1 to determine percentages.

As we can see the problem with insufficient staff has not been improved in the previous 12 months and it has stayed the same in most cases. Only 9% of respondents answered that the problem has improved.

The other major problem from question P4.1 regarding other problems which were related to IT has slightly improved (17%) but mostly it stayed the same as in previous 12 months.

Largest IT related improvements were regarding IT service delivery problems, in which 37.5% of responses were positive – problem was improved (solved). Major improvement was in the area of “serious IT operation incidents” which was improved (reduced) by 37.5%. “Security and privacy incidents” as major issue in every company have been emphasized as reduced and improved up to 40%. Significant improvement is seen through alignment of IT and business strategy, where 29% of respondents replied positively.


Answers provided in questions above, show us that companies generally implement IT governance practices and with this question it was necessary to determine which areas/practices are included.

Chart shows us results obtained where 68% of respondents answered that their companies IT governance practice includes following “The IT project portfolio is managed by business departments, supported by the IT department” and that “The board reviews IT budgets and plans on a regular basis”. From the chart above we can also notice that majority of companies include most of the regular IT governance practices.


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